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Ms. Aldred's Fourth Grade Class Minimize

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fantastic summer. I discovered a great way to communicate with parents last year and received only positive feedback so I'll be using the same method this year. I've created a ClassDojo account for fourth grade. If you have an email on file, I emailed an invitation to you already. If not, forms will be coming home this week with directions on how to enroll. There are so many great features with ClassDojo, but the one parents especially love is being able to receive photos or video clips of their child and their work. Parents also indicated they loved being able to message me through the app and often get a response much faster than email. ClassDojo also provides me with a platform for communicating with parents about attendance, PAWS traits, and classroom behavior. Students earn points for positive choices and lose points for poor choices. A common question is "What do students get for their points?" I don't give students a prize for points. I will award kids for extra effort and going above and beyond what is expected, but I won't award prizes based on points. 

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