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Hello Parents and Families, 

We have had an exciting start to our year in the 8th-grade classroom.  We have a new student that is becoming part of the family quick and 13 other students who can't believe they are 8th graders.   

This year we are working with a new Language Arts Curriculum called MyPerspectives. You have probably heard about it by now but, if not please ask your student.  All materials can be found electronically if they forget their books in the classroom (FYI)😃.  We have started with Unit 4 Human Intelligence reading and studying the different types of intelligence.  The students have enjoyed this unit and will be taking a multiple Intelligence assessment. This assessment correlates directly to our 8th grade and beyond plan, we will be putting together throughout the year preparing for High School. If you would like to take the assessment, please find the link under Language Arts.  I am sure your student would love to talk with you more about what the different types of intelligence are. 

In math, we are continuing to use the Open Up Resources Curriculum.  I really enjoyed this program last year and am excited to see your student's success this year. If you would like to help your student and have questions about an assignment please visit this website, select 8 and family https://access.openupresources.org/curricula/our6-8math/en/ccss/index.html.  This website link can always be found under math on our classroom page.  

We are very excited to be studying US History this year in our classroom.  Your student will be coming home with all sorts of amazing information as well as reviewing and memorizing the 50 states, capitals, continents, oceans, state seal, our flag and other important facts to know about our Country.  

Your student and their classmates hosted the first Bear Essentials Assembly of the year!  They presented the topic of RESPECT and were excited to share with the younger students what respect means to them.  You can see a video of the assembly on our webpage.  

The 8th Grade Class is excited to host an 8th-grade parent and student meeting coming soon this month.   Please talk with your student about when would be a good time to attend a meeting.  

Please feel free to contact me anytime.   

Teach a student today to change the world tomorrow. 

Meaghan O'Leary