Mrs. Kim Combs


Daily Classroom Schedule:

8:20   Home Room
8:30 Calendar
8:40 Math
9:30 ELA
9:45  Recess
10:00 Snack
10:15 Reading stations
11:35 Recess
12:05 Lunch
12:35 Reading/ELA
1:00 Elective
1:15 Library/ELA
1:35 Recess
1:50 Science or social studies
2:50 Dismiss

To contact me:
Phone: 360.225.7366


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Kindergarten Classroom Rules

  1. Be a good listener
    Follow directions the first time they are given
    Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak.
  2. Be a good worker
    Always try and do your best work.
    Clean up your area after work or play.
  3. Be a good friend
    Keep your hands, feet and belongings to yourself.
    Don’t hurt anyone on the inside (feeling) or outside (physically).

November 2018
Welcome Kindergarten Students and Parents,

The first trimester has been such a busy time in kindergarten.  We have been busy getting to know each other and learning how to follow school rules and routines. 

   We took our first field trip to Pomeroy Farms pumpkin patch where we learned about and fed farm animals.  Followed by a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and a trip through Pumpkin Lane.  There we saw lots of familiar characters including Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Iron Man, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

   For Social Studies we learned about the people who help our community, this included visits from Captains Gobel and Rousch and firefighters Kyle and Daniel from district 10.  They talked about fire safety and showed us the firetruck.  We also were visit by Clark County sheriff deputy Shaun Robertson, who talked with us about water safety and stranger danger and showed us his patrol car.

   In Math we have learned about our numbers through ten and can now write and compare them.  We also have new patterns to explore on the calendar each month and learned how to graph a skill we will use all year long.

   Reading has really begun as we now have learned 20 sight words, as well as how to read left to right and top to bottom across the page.  We have enjoyed many great stories, and are learning our letter sounds to help us read unfamiliar words.

   Writing begins with expressing our thought first through pictures and then through words.  We began by learning to draw people with our kings and queens of the day. Then we learned to add details to our pictures that tell more about where a story is happening or what the characters are doing. 

   In Science we learned about the seasons and weather.  This included working with a partner to build a house to protect our UV bead critters from the sun.

   As the trimester come to a close we are looking forward to the holidays and the possibility of snow.  We will also be learning about motion; nutrition and keeping healthy; shapes and numbers to 100; and writing our own stories; in the coming months.