Daily Classroom Schedule:

8:20   Home Room
8:30 Language Arts (PE on T&Th 8:30-9:00)
9:45 Recess
10:00 Story/Snack
10:15 Math
11:35  Lunch Recess
12:05 Lunch
12:35  Scholastic News
(Tue/Thurs, Tech Time)
1:05 Writing/ELA
1:35 Recess
1:50 Science/Art
2:50 Dismiss

To contact me:
Phone: 360.225.7366

First Grade Newsletters





Dear Parents!

Book in the Bag has started.  Please have your child read the book to you.  Write down the name of the book.  It is optional to write comments.  Please mark if the book is “Just Right,”  “Too Easy” or “Too Hard.”  Keep the log inside the bag.  When you return the bag, with the reading log and the book, another book will be sent home with your child.

Please keep in mind:

  • It is very important that you mark “Just Right,” “Too Easy” or "Too Hard” because adjustments to the level of book can be made so that your child is not frustrated.
  • It is ideal that your child practices reading each day.
  • Each time your child reads 10 books a recognition award will be given to them.


How to support your First Grader With Reading:

  • When your child comes to a word they do not know….wait 4 seconds to see if they can figure out the word by using some of the reading strategies.
  • Suggest a reading strategy they could use.  (See Reading Log for Strategies)
  • If your child continues reading but has read the words incorrectly, read back to them what they read and ask, “Does that make sense?”
  • Tell them the missed word and have them re-read the sentence using the correct word.
  • Give lots of praise for using reading strategies!
  • Point out the reading strategies you noticed your child using.
  • Ask your child to tell you what reading strategy they used or want to use.