Teacher: Mrs. Kim Shealy

Where teacher-family partnerships contribute to academic success for our students!

Daily Classroom Schedule:

8:20   Home Room
8:30 Reading/ELA
9:45 Recess
10:00  ELA
10:15 Vocab/Handwriting
10:35 Math
11:35 Recess
12:05  Lunch
12:35 Science/Social Studies
1:35 Recess
1:50 Tech/Library (Tu/Th)
2:50 Dismiss

Home Practice Links

Moby Max
Pearson Realize
Pearson Successnet
Typing Club
Ben's Guide
elearning science
Fluency for Parents
Dr. Seuss Story Maker

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To contact me:
Phone: 360.225.7366

Green Mountain School
13105 NE Grinnell Road
Woodland, WA 98674


2nd Grade - Where You'll Watch  Your Child Grow!

A Letter for Parents

This year will be such an amazing year of growth. Second grade is a confidence building year. Students will continue "growing" their skills in reading, writing, and as a mathematician! Your student will be discovering abstract concepts; making connections between the skill/symbol and their personal experiences with the learning.Their thinking will begin branching out into deeper levels of knowledge. This will be an exciting year of change. What once was an initial understanding will become a desire to know more. By the end of the year you will notice their growth and confidence in having an opinion, restating a concept they learned, and their preference in what they want to know more about. As your partner in their education, we will experience a wonderful year of discovery... welcome to 2nd grade!

Ways to Help Your Student Succeed:
Staying involved in your child’s education is the key to a successful year.
Using our class DoJo, I will be sending home our weekly "Classroom News" updates detailing our activities for the upcoming week. You should receive these updates in the afternoon on Saturday.

Encourage your student to discuss their learning every day. Ask them which "Ah-ha" discovery they enjoyed (something they didn't know). Learning about their educational strengths, challenges, and mistakes will be their chance for ownership in their learning. Ask them what they did well, what they need more practice in, or what was confusing about the lesson. Communicating with them will lead to success. Don't be surprised if their answers are lacking details. An answer like "nothing," will turn into a self-evaluation statement ("I liked... because..." or I was confused when we..."). Let me know if you want some discussion ideas, just send me an email and/or send me a text through the class DoJo (which is a secured and a closed connection just between you and me, no one else receives your messages). As a team we can make a difference.

A Few Procedures:
Please send a healthy snack for their "pick-me-up" break. They will be working while they are munching, so sticky or gooey items are better as a lunch item. Lunches should be in a lunch box or bag (clearly marked with their first name and last initial).

Your child will need his/her backpack EVERY day. We are hard workers and will be bringing home papers daily.

The temperature in our room varies greatly, so dress your child in layers.

Parent-Teacher Communication:
Communication is key for success in any situation, especially the classroom! The Friday Folder is key to communicating back and forth with parents and teacher. Important information will be in this folder: school events, graded assessments, and progress reports as well as homework. Please provide a specified location for them to place their folder when they come home on Fridays. When you have a minute, please look through the folder, then have your student "zip" it in their school bag.

I check my email every morning and right before I leave school. Do not hesitate to contact me: kim.shealy@greenmountainschool.us. The class room DoJo notifies me when there is a message, so feel free to contact me at any time and/or any day. If your communication is not urgent, just jot a note, send it with your student and I will respond to it as soon as possible. You may also call the school. In return, I will contact you by email, note or telephone. I will be calling you throughout the year. With respect for your time, I will make most phone calls on Sunday after 6:30pm. If there is an opportunity to discuss an issue, I will contact you before I leave school. You are my best resource in helping your student succeed, together, we are their educational support team.

Classroom Policies:

  • Students are expected to come to class ready to learn.
  • Students are expected to treat each other and themselves with respect.
  • Students are expected to turn their work in on time.
  • Set personal goals with high expectations of always wanting to do your best every day!